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" Split a log of wood in half, and one could see how each

stroke of wood, each eye root unfolds a story on its own"

- Mr. Santoso

Dargawan Santoso in Champs-Élysées c. 2017


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As a collective, As a mentor, and As a company we planted our motto to every manpower at post, the quintessence of working is to become not to acquire, to work not to chase hours but to chase targets. Our motto is based out of the work reflected by the tree itself, how each root gave life to each trunks producing a viable bark. 



First Birch Tree grew around the factory complex  c.2000
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Early Rising




Initially, Lakkasta was a company engaged in the procurement of raw log wood materials in the form of timber for local market in Indonesia, we were able to thrive into an export supplier to the Middle East. Introducing parquets and wooden beams using Indonesian wood, such as Teak wood, Merbau wood, Kempas wood, Meranti wood and various other local woods that appealed clients overseas.

Over time, given the demand for wood-based finished goods increased, the company metamorphosed its services by producing finished goods made of wood, such request was first made from clients and accolades in Egypt.

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Old Lakkasta's Showroom c. 2016


Interested yet? feel free to contact us anytime, we are open for consultation through architects or direct conversation with clients. Please do not hesitate to contact if we can provide any further assistance / provide further information on your enquiry. For more information about our service, visit what we offer page.

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